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Uniforms and Dress Code

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The SS. Cyril & Philomena school uniform is worn by every student in Grades Pre K – 8 and should be worn with a sense of dignity.  Recognizing the relationship between personal dress and personal attitude, we encourage our students to dress so as to demonstrate pride in themselves and in their school.


Boys & Girls—Gym suits and sneakers
Grooming—Same as K-6

Grades K – 6:


  • Shirt—White perma press – long or short sleeve – Collars are to be buttoned.
  • Tie—Maroon.
  • Sweater—Choice of: Maroon cardigan V-Neck or Vest pullover  -“ St. Cyril School”  embroidered in gold on the left side. (Mandatory October 31st until April 15th).
  • Pants—Gray dress – TWILL (65% polyester, 35% cotton).   Must be purchased at Flynn and O’Hara Uniform Company.
  • Belt—Solid black (NOT OPTIONAL).
  • Socks—Solid dark colored socks  – No ankle socks.
  • Shoes—Solid black lace-up, dress shoe – Sneakers, boots, or sandals are not allowed with the uniform.
  • Grooming—Boys must be clean shaven.  Hair must be trimmed to the top of the collar and must be above the eyebrows. No fad styles, tails,  shaved lines, tattoos or earrings are permitted.


  • Blouse—Pink Peter Pan perma press blouse – long or short sleeve – Collars and sleeves are to be buttoned.
  • Uniform—Choice of:  Tunic – maroon and gray plaid, Jumper – maroon and gray plaid. Uniform may be knee length or no more than TWO inches above the knee.
  •  Sweater—Choice of:  Maroon cardigan  or V-Neck vest pullover  –  “ St. Cyril & Philomena” embroidered in gold on left side.
  • Socks—Maroon kneesocks or maroon leotards.  Knee socks are to be worn as knee socks and not at the ankle.
  • ShoesSaddle Type LACE-UP shoe – solid black, wine, or burgundy leather or camel suede – Slip-on shoes, athletic shoes, boots, sandals,  heels or thick-soled shoes are NOT permitted with the uniform.
  • Grooming—Hair styles must be neat, simple and not exaggerated. No fad hair styles are permitted.  Headbands are to be plain, simple and without orrnaments.
  • No cosmetics, nail polish, artificial nails or costume jewelry of any kind may be worn. A religious cross or medal may be worn.  If ears are pierced, one post earring per ear and it is to be worn on the earlobe.  Earrings at the top of the ear are NOT permitted.

Grades 7 – 8:


  • Blouse—White Oxford, button down collar blouse.  Blouse is to be tucked in at all times.
  • Skirt—Maroon and gray plaid.  Skirts may be knee length or no more than TWO inches above the knee.  The skirt is not to be rolled at the waist.  Any girl who does not wear the kilt and blouse correctly may be asked to wear the jumper.
  • Sweater—Maroon V-neck pull-over or a V-neck pull-over vest (Mandatory October 31st until April 15th).
  • Shoes and Socks—Same as Grades K – 6.
  • Grooming—Same as Grades K – 6.

OPTIONAL WARMER WEATHER UNIFORM — Opening of school until October 31st and from April 15th until the close of school.

  • Shirt—White or maroon knit short sleeve with SS. Cyril & Philomena embroidered in gold on left side.
  • Shorts—Khaki Walking Shorts – Must be purchased at Flynn and O’Hara  Uniform Company.
  • Belt— Solid black or brown belt
  • Socks—White, maroon, or gray crew (covering the ankle) socks.
  • Shoes—Brown dock-siders or sturdy school tie shoe, no sneakers.

Physical Education Uniform

Gym Uniforms must be purchased from Flynn and O’Hara Uniform Company.

  • Maroon Sweatshirt with SS. Cyril & Philomena embroidered in gold on left side.
  • Maroon Sweat Pants and Shorts
  • Gold T-shirt with SS. Cyril & Philomena – maroon lettering.  T-shirt may be worn under sweatshirt in the event that the sweatshirt needs to be removed due to a rise in temperature. T-shirts are to be tucked in at all times.
  • Sneakers with laces or Velcro (No slip-ons)

All uniforms are to fit and must be worn properly.  Shirts must be tucked into the pants, skirts and shorts.

Disregard of the Dress Code regulations can lead to the distraction of comparing styles, and thus, be seen as a priority; the students would be better served if healthy comparison and competition took place in the field of learning.  Students who repeatedly demonstrate disregard for the Dress Code are liable to receive a Dress Code Referral.  In the case of improper haircuts or hair color, the child’s parent will be contacted to have the situation corrected immediately.

In addition to good grooming and the proper wearing of our school uniform, it is essential that each child come to school each day having had sufficient sleep, and a nutritional breakfast. A tired body and mind makes learning very difficult.


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Health Forms Required

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Parents are required to complete two medical forms as part of the enrollment process.  Download the forms from the IMS Health & Safety page. On that page you can also find a list of immunizations required by the state. The two forms are:

  1. The medical/immunization history form
  2. The request/consent for administration of medication
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    School Calendar

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    Volunteer Clearances

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    We welcome volunteers! To ensure the safety of our students, all volunteers are required to obtain three clearances before serving: PA Criminal Background Check, PA Child Abuse History Clearance, and Fingerprinting. Follow the steps on the IMS Clearances web page.

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    Snow Day Procedures

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    We will follow the Archdiocese of Philadelphia’s decision on school closures or delays. IF ARCHDIOCESAN SCHOOLS ARE OPEN, our school is OPEN. 

    Our school will:

    • Post message on Class Dojo
    • Send parents text and email messages.
    • Notify KYW1060AM radio, which announces school opening and closures.


    Our school will open at 10:00 a.m.  Breakfast will not be served. Lunch will be served.

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